Take My Eyes (2003)

Donde dice hogar se lee infierno. Donde dice amor hay dolor. (Where it reads 'home' read 'hell'. Where it reads 'love' there is pain)
Drama / Romance • 109 minutes  7.5/10
Starring: Laia Marull Luis Tosar Candela Peña Rosa Maria Sardà Kiti Mánver Elisabet Gelabert Nicolás Fernández Luna David Mooney and others.
Director: Icíar Bollaín Writer: Alicia Luna Screenplay: Icíar Bollaín Director of Photography: Carles Gusi Producer: Santiago García de Leániz Editor: Ángel Hernández Zoido Original Music Composer: Alberto Iglesias
Released • October 8, 2003

One winter night, Pilar runs away from home. With her, she takes only a few belongings and her son, Juan. Antonio soon sets out to look for her. He says Pilar is his sunshine, and what's more, "She gave him her eyes"...

A.K.A. DE: Öffne meine Augen  ES: Te doy mis ojos  FR: Ne dis rien  PT: Te doy mis ojos  RU: Te doy mis ojos